About Me

Being a therapist is much more than a job to me and I feel privileged to connect with many people in such a meaningful way. I never stop studying and opening to further growth as a therapist and as a person.

I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology from University of Hartford, CT. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Gestalt Oriented Psychotherapist and a Certified Yoga Instructor. I work from a mind-body orientation using the framework of Gestalt Theory and Somatic Psychotherapy. I have 23 years experience in a variety of mental health contexts such as crisis intervention, in patient and outpatient care, and couples counseling. I particularly enjoy helping others cultivate and strengthen the mind-body connection. My approach is designed to gently awaken the whole body and increase present moment awareness.

I thrive on acquiring new clinical skills and tools in order to better serve my clientele. After moving into private practice in 2000, I became a certified yoga teacher and obtained a second certification in yoga therapy. In 2003, I received a certification in Somatic (mind/body) Psychotherapy. I have a 4-year clinical fellowship in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Aside from this, I participate in many short term workshops and seminars.