Group Therapy

Group means I treat several people at once. Typically 4-12 people depending on the content. Group provides a powerful journey into psychological healing and even more so into personal growth. Group work provides a unique opportunity to grow through the relationships you make with others in the group. This is a very effective learning and growing environment. Instead of just talking about how you relate to others, you learn from your live interactions with others in the group, in the moment. At this time of fragmentation and alienation in our culture, group provides a bonding and unifying sense among group members. Group is also a vehicle for cultivating your ability to accept others, appreciate and develop intimacy step by step with the help of your therapist and other group members within the safety of the confidentiality agreement among everyone in the group.

What is expected - Obviously in order to accomplish all of the above, I need your participation. Your initial participation might be to talk about what it feels like to be in the group. Most people feel fairly anxious at the beginning and even throughout. It can also feel like a relief to be able to talk about “whatever” you are feeling. You might also share in the way of giving feedback to others.

At the beginning it is very important for you to let the group members know you a little and then as you feel safer, you will want to tell them more about the important issues in your life, what troubles you, and what isn’t working in your life. This is not easy to do with new people but as you develop trust you will be able to share more. However, the sooner you can share yourself with the group, the sooner you will get something out of it.

Almost everyone feels nervous and uneasy in the beginning. At times you may also feel excited, connected, supported, curious, cautious, and so many other things. It is very helpful to simply express these feelings to the group as they come up. Invariably, there will be people who are feeling similarly. This is a valuable way for the group to form connections and it helps you begin to learn how to be aware of yourself in the moment which is how you will get the most out of a group.

The assumption is that you will learn how you function in your life by participating in the group. The group becomes a microcosm of your life. You learn about yourself in a much more direct and accurate way. You can also experiment with new behavior right in the moment during group which is a very effective way to implement the changes you want.

Some groups are focused on a specific issue such as my Couples Group , Stress Management and Winter Blues Buster group.

On the other hand, the interactive group therapy focuses on the members themselves. Their lives, struggles, transitions, adjustments, conflicts and issues. This is an advanced group and requires previous individual therapy or previous group therapy experience.

Benefits of participating: