I offer Individual , Couples and Group Therapy for adults.

My areas of concentration are:

Couples Therapy

I work from a developmental model of couples therapy. This means we will look at your development as a couple and where you are stuck and where you want to go. This approach combines attachment theory and neuroscience. You will learn about your individual development and what you learned early on about relationships and how that is operating in your current relationship. Likewise, your partner will do the same. A good deal of work comes from working with the differences. This approach works well for the relationship in crisis as well as those looking to enrich and improve their relationship. Improving your relationship is an amazing way to improve yourself. I deeply respect my couples and try my best to to understand your relationship on your terms. I work well with opposite and same sex couples as well open marriages.


Interactive group- this approach provides a powerful journey into psychological healing and even more so into personal growth. Group runs 90 minutes weekly and is ongoing. This is a process group that focuses on the members themselves as opposed to theme oriented therapy. This is a very effective learning and growing environment, instead of just talking about how you relate to others, you learn from your live interactions with others in the group, in the moment. The group becomes a microcosm of your life. You learn about yourself in a much more direct and accurate way. You can also experiment with new behavior right in the moment. This is a very effective growth opportunity. Members must do individual therapy prior or in conjunction with group therapy and be referred to group by the therapist. Please see my group therapy page for a more in depth description.

Winter Blues Buster Group.

Winter can be long and depressing for many of us. Some may even suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In this group, I facilitate informative, supportive group therapy as well as yoga and breathing designed to beat winter blah. This group is 75 minutes and runs for 12 weeks from early December through the end of February. This gives you the structure, support, and interventions needed to get you through the darkest months. Cost is $40.00 per group.

Stress Management Group.

This is mostly a really great life skills group. Who doesn't have stress? Who couldn't use help in learning how to manage it? In this group, You learn much about the body's stress response. Explore your own personal stress factors and develop your own stress plan. This group is 75 minutes and runs 8 weeks periodically throughout the year. Contact me regarding availability. Cost is $45.00 per group.

Couples Group

Consider this a course in marriage/intimate partnership. This group is for couples looking to improve their relationship. Learn healthy relationship development and where you might be stuck or need further growth. Education on attachment, differentiation and neuroscience. Learn and practice communication skills, the foundation of a good relationship. Tools to practice in between sessions. This group co-led by a male and female therapist, is 90 minutes and runs for 8 weeks. Cost is $100.00 per group.

Mindfulness 8 Week Class

We already have the capacity to be present but we can cultivate these innate qualities with simple practices that are scientifically proven to benefit us in so many ways. This class will teach you how to use your senses to become more alive while reducing the effects of stress. This class is based on the book Mindfulness: An eight week plan for finding peace in a frantic world. (Danny Penman PhD. and Mark Williams PhD.) It meets 8 saturdays from 9:30 am to 10:45 am. The perfect way to end a week, nourish yourself on the weekend, set an intention for the week ahead.
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Individual Therapy - $150.00 per session.

Couples Therapy - $165.00 per session.

I participate in Cigna and Aetna insurance.

Out of Network Benefits.

Most insurances have "out of network benefits" . That means you can get insurance coverage even if I do not participate with your insurance. Out of network usually has a deductible and then covers at a percentage. Deductible means that you have to pay that much out of pocket before the insurance company will begin to cover services. I work with many insurances on an out of network basis so I can walk you through that process.